RazorBrush™ - DIY Razor Comb

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Give Yourself A Perfect Trim Every Time You Comb Your Hair!

  • Shorten, shape, and thin your hair
  • Great for layering to give you an edgy look
  • Can also give you a classic look with soft layers
  • Effective way to get rid of split ends
  • Removable blades designed to facilitate cleaning
  • Firm grip & Ergonomic handle
  • Includes 2 Bonus replacement razors 

Shorten, Shape & Thin Your Hair Like a PRO! 

Razoring can do wonders for your hair, especially if you have thick wavy hair. With the RazorBrush™, you can thin your hair out by shedding the extra layers. This will give you a more styled look. Thinning your hair in layers reduces the amount of weight that is pulling your hair down & making it look as if you got into a fight with a brush & a blow dryer...and lost horribly!

Save Your Cash, No Need to Go to the Salon!

When you're short on money, expensive bi-monthly trips to the salon may be out of your budget. If you want to maintain your hairstyle at home for less cash, the RazorBrush™ is a good investment to make. Easy to use & inexpensive, it can help you introduce texture to your hair, do away with split ends & remove excess bulk with a few short strokes.  

Simple Yet Ingenious Design... 

RazorBrush™ comes with a built-in razor that automatically trims your hair according to length. It can be used to shape, style, shave, trim, thin & taper your hair. It features 2 blades and a regular comb, easy & convenient to use at home. Here are the other benefits of using the RazorBrush™:

  • Adds movement: Cutting ends can help bring out curves and waves
  • Creative freedom: Gives  you more flexibility to shape hairdos exactly how you want them
  • Hybrid cutting: Works to give your hair more style and texture
  • Length control: You decide precisely how much hair to cut off
  • Multi-purpose use: Proves to be an effective body hair-cutting tool 

Here's How to Use the RazorBrush™: 

  • If you want to thin your hair, just take out the sections that you want to trim.
  • If the section is thick then you may razor comb your hair from the root up.
  • If your hair is thin, start from the middle of the strands & work your way down.
  • To layer your hair, do it in sections & concentrate more on the ends of the strands. Start in front and comb downwards. Make sure that the front is shorter than the back for perfect layers.
  • To give your hair a more choppy look, use the razor comb in whichever areas you like. Alternate between upward & downward motions.