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The LashX™ Kit is a one time purchase and includes everything you'll need to apply the most luxurious lash extensions ever created.

"The LashX™ System Lasts Up To 14 Days"

The Control Kit includes two LashX™ Lash Sets, one Dual Sided Bond with Biotin (lash glue), one Seal and Finish Clear Coat and our patented LashX™ Control Wand. 

With our cutting edge lash system you now have the ability to create and customize salon quality silk lashes on yourself or your clients with no skill, in zero time, without ever stepping into a salon. Bam. There's a reason all the Beauty Editors are raving about LashX™ and all our clients are addicted!

To get started, choose your kit: Amplify is the most natural. Bold is the most dramatic. Curl has the strongest curl.

About our lashes:

LashX™ lashes are weightless lash fusions designed to melt with your natural lashes as you fuse. These one-of-a-kind lashes are meant to be worn a few days at a time and replaced, or they can be worn daily, gently removed and reapplied.

Unlike traditional extensions that rely on harsh bonds to keep the lashes in place, the LashX™ System relies on the LashX™ Control Wand!  Simply fuse morning and night and you can wear them as long as you like. We recommend 7-10 days and replacing for a fresh set. 

Seal & Finish Clear Coat - Our super-luxe mineral rich formula locks in your perfect lash look and removes all sticky residue from the Dual Sided Bond. Plus, if you use mascara on your lower lashes, one swoop of Seal & Finish Clear Coat and it's now waterproof mascara! Woot woot!