Boar Bristle Hair Brush – Natural Boar Bristle Comb

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Stop Washing Your Hair!
Give Your Hair The Brush It Deserves!

Tired of washing your hair continuously to get rid of sebum? This boar bristle brush will act effectively on your hair by taking the sebum produced by your scalp and moving it along your hair shaft. Forgo shampoo or any shampoo alternatives and start brushing and cleaning your hair the natural way!

GLOSS & SHINE: The brush distributes natural hair oils from the roots to the tips of the hair.

FAVOURS HAIR GROWTH: This natural boar bristle hair brush will help you increase your hair growth process with no extra expensive products. Just massage your hair roots every day with this organic hair brush and you will see the result in the shortest time possible.

100% Natural & Chemical Free

NATURAL CONDITIONER: Boar bristle brush distributes scalp sebaceous oils throughout the whole hair.

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: The natural boar bristle brush is suitable for everybody and can detangle every hair type, even the most stubborn ones. They can be used for straight, curly, and fleecy hair of all lengths.

PREVENTS ENDS BREAKAGE & FRIZZ: The brush seals in split ends and gives elasticity to reduce breakage. It will gently distribute root oils from the very beginning of your hair to the ends. In such a way your ends are filled with oils, become soft and don't break because of dryness.

YOUR HAIR WILL NOT RETAIN STATIC: With the natural boar bristle hair brush, you can easily get rid of the annoying static electricity in your hair.