Nails - Semi Permanent Soak Off Nail Gel Polish - HNM UV & LED Chameleon Mood Color Changing Nail Polish

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This thermal color-changing gel polish is an essential addition to your nail care products. The gel nail polish can change 3 colors by responding to temperature changes. Get 3 nail colors in one bottle of nail polish and add a wow factor to your nails. This semi-permanent soak-off gel polish works great on long nails and gives a nice shine after drying.

Volume: 8ml - 0.28 fl.oz

  • Clean the nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.
  • Fully shake up the polish so that the polish color is balanced.
  • Apply Base coat first. Make sure to apply a smooth even coat that is neither too thick nor too thin. Cure under a UV light for 1 minute or an LED light for 30 seconds.
  • Apply polish directly, cure with UV lamp for 2-3 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 second; when dry, apply the 2nd layer and cure with UV lamp or LED lamp again.
  • Apply the top coat. Cure under a UV light for 1 minute. (30 seconds for a LED light).
  • Clean nail surface with nail cleanser. Note: avoid using non specialized cleansing fluids as they may interfere with the quality of the final gloss coat.
  • Soak off the nails into acrylic remover for about 5 minutes.
  • Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail.
  • Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.
  • Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.